Woolich Racing Tuned Software

ecueditor is no longer in active development, Woolich Racing Tuned (WRT) software has superseded ecueditor. WRT includes support across the Suzuki range of motorcycles and also has support for Kawasaki and Yamaha models. WRT is also free and actively developed with new features and models added on a regular basis.
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Woolich Racing also sell ECU flashing products for a wide range of motorcycles including full packages with everything you need to tune a particular model. You can view the products available on the Woolich Racing Products Page

ecueditor.com Software

ecueditor.com is a Free Software developed by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. The software is now in maintenance mode with no plans for future updates. The ecueditor software is still freely available for download from this site.
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What can the ecueditor.com software do?

The stock Suzuki Engine ECU contains a lot of advanced features that many owners are not even aware of. The ecueditor.com software allows you to unlock these feature and get the full potential out of your ECU.

  • Tune and adjust fuel maps (IAP and TPS)
  • Set RPM limiters and remove top speed limiters
  • Autotune with data logging to laptop
  • Tune and adjust the ignition maps
  • Quickshifter and autoshifting
  • Turbo fueling and boost control module
  • Nitrous mapping with ramp up timer and solenoid control
  • Disable Stock O2 sensor and closed loop functionality
  • Disable PAIR valve (air bleed into exhaust)
  • Adjustable Traction Control (slew rate RPM limiter)
  • Adjustable Launch Control (2 stage RPM limiter)
  • Programmable launch and shift light
  • Numerous other advanced tweaks and mods for the serious race bike setup

How do I get started?